Skyfall Alpaca

The dictionary defines Skyfall as a verb : "To make a last stand against a group of people when outnumbered and on your own turf."

This only tells half of the story.

We are Skyfall.

OK, we'll come clean. The reference to Skyfall is as much about our love of James Bond as it is the dictionary definition. Although as relatively new entrants into this fabulous world of alpaca breeding, we are also rising up quickly from the ground with a view to being the best.

We identified the commercial value of alpaca in 2017, which hinges on a rapidly increasing demand for their fleece and the low rate of growth due to long gestation periods. This drives a natural supply and demand balance which keeps the potential interest high. Moreover, the world is rapidly recognising the properties of the alpaca fleece which is becoming highly prized.

Around 5 million alpaca exist today in the world with less than 1 million outside of South America. The demand can't be met which is why alpaca fleece carries a premium. By being a breeder, we have the opportunity to help increase the numbers but more significantly, increase the quality of both the alpaca and their fleece through calculated and carefully managed breeding programmes.

We are committed to the health of all alpaca. By leading our breeding programmes from a health first perspective, we believe alpaca numbers can increase in a sustainable, ethical and profitable way for future generations to enjoy.

John, Sarah and James

Skyfall is part of our family business, Chocolate Kiwi Limited. It breaks away from our other business activities which are based around software development and business consultancy services. The disparity is one of the drivers that led us into alpaca breeding, as it is a relaxing contrast and helps to bring the family together.

Talking to customers and other breeders, this is why many lifestyle block owners choose alpaca to add value to their property and introduce a unique and rewarding quality into their life.